Zero-G – Celtic Atmospheres for Omnisphere 2


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Welcome to Celtic Atmospheres: the first in the series of Zero-G expansion packs masterfully created especially for Omnisphere 2.

Expertly taking a hand-picked selection of raw samples from the original award-winning sound libraries Celtic and Altered States and feeding them through the amazing power of Omnisphere…an innovative new collection of fresh sounds and patches have been born that are truly inspiring.

Mandolins, Fiddles, Bagpipes, Flutes, Ceilidh Snares, Bodhran and many more raw Celtic sounds have all been used and mixed with the powerful and atmospheric soundscapes of Altered States, resulting in a brand new treasury of beautiful sounds perfect for any project that requires a Celtic flavour.

Celtic Atmospheres contains 50 inspiring patches ranging from deep, emotive pads with a topping of Celtic flutes to dark and intense sonic-backdrops perfect for those suspenseful moments.

The library also contains a selection of Celtic inspired percussion patches using samples from the Bodhran and Ceilidh Snares, mixed with various instruments such as Bagpipes and 12 string guitars to create some truly unique, ambient percussive soundscapes.

Celtic Atmospheres is the perfect patch library for styles such as Ambient, Chillout, Electronica, Film Production and many more styles of music. Add the captivating essence of the Celtic tradition to Omnisphere!