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  • Level 1 – 9 videos
  • Course workbook and project files (Bonus)
  • Music from the masters sessions (Bonus)
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The Most Comprehensive Beat Making Course Online Specifically Designed For Producers To Make Better Beats Directly Inside Your DAW  (No Prior Musical Knowledge Required!)

This is my beat production manifesto. With 8+ hours of video trainings housed inside a private members area. We’ll start with the basics, learning the “language” of music… Followed by jumping right into my unique beat making process. Where I’ll show you exactly how I effortlessly create new melodies, chord progressions, basslines and drums.

With cheat sheets, midi files, and exercises to complete after every level… So You Can Immediately Apply What You Learn Inside Your DAW

That’s right! This course isn’t just some boring music theory training, after each level we’ll actually apply what you learn by creating Pro Level beats together! Step by step creating melodies, adding counter melodies and chords, as well as drums and bass.

No matter what level you’re at today:

  • If you’re just starting out, this course will give you the essential foundation to confidently create new melodies and beats from scratch
  • If you know a few chords and scales but are feeling stuck, this course will break you out of your plateau and show you how to create more variety in your music
  • And even if you’ve been studying music theory for years, this course will show you how to apply that knowledge specifically to modern music and dramatically speed up your workflow



First we’ll go through a quick overview of the course, and then jump right in to “learning the language” of music… Where I’ll spoon feed you the bare essentials of music theory directly inside your DAW, which is actually faster than learning everything on the piano!  We’ll also start training your ear to pick out notes and chords – Giving you the power to pull that melody out of your head and effortlessly throw it down in your DAW. By the end of Level 1, you’ll already have the essential foundation you need to create better melodies and musical arrangements, and be ready to jump into…


Then in Level 2, we’ll break down my entire beat making process. Showing you where to start when creating a beat from scratch, and the best way to add melodies, chords, and drums.

  • Melodies Made Easy: The melody truly is the “make or break element” behind any great beat, I’ll show you how to make sure every melody you create is a winner
  • Efficient Intervals: You don’t need to learn EVERY interval and chord when you’re just starting out – I’ll show you which ones are most important for modern music and how to use them to add more emotion in your music
  • Basics of Rhythm: What’s a beat without the drums?! We’ll break down the basics, plus learn how the tempo and time signature impact the feel of your grooves
  • Ear Training 201: And as we continue honing your ear, I’ll show you my favorite tricks for identifying the emotional quality of chords and how to rapidly pick out any chord progression you hear on the radio

And to finish up Level 2, we’ll jump inside your DAW and make a brand new melody with your new-found musical knowledge Don’t be surprised if you’re already creating melodies 2-3 times faster than you were before (And finally understanding WHY they sound so good!) Then once you’ve got the basics under your belt, it’s time to move on to…


Level 3 is all about “fleshing out” your beat by layering in more flavorful chords and scales. This is the key to making your music sound pro, where you have that beautiful interplay between the melody, counter melody, and chords.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • Scale Degrees: This one concept changed my entire perception of music! I’ll explain it in full detail and show you how to use it to dramatically speed up your workflow
  • Pop Progressions: Learn the most used chord progressions for modern music and how to create a similar vibe in your own music
  • Larger Than Life Melodies: I’ll explain the “rules of harmony” so you always know what notes and chords to add to make your beat sound more full and PRO
  • Complex Chords Decoded: Learn my simple process for memorizing “complicated” chords like the Diminished, Augmented, and passing chords that will seriously spice up the energy in your music

Many top producers never move beyond the basics, but by the end of Level 3, you’ll already have more tools in your musical toolbox than the majority of producers online! But we won’t stop there, because we still need to add…


Of course, no beat is complete without adding some fire bass and drums! Which is why Level 4 goes deep into breaking down the interplay between the drums and bass and how to use them in your music.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Kick, Clap, Hi Hat: Learn my favorite rule for how I connect the clap and hi hats to the melody and the best way to accentuate your basslines with the kick drum
  • Simple Sound Selection: I’ll show you how to add more variety to your drums with samples and virtual instruments, and the important rules you must NEVER break when selecting drum sounds
  • 808s vs. Instruments: As much as I love the 808, it’s not always the best sound for filling out the bottom of your beat – I’ll show you the right way to add them to the mix, and when it’s better to leave them out
  • Keying Basslines: Learn my fast and easy method for making sure your bassline is in the right key, and why using the root note in chord progressions isn’t always the best move (This one is especially important for voice leading!)

And finally, as we finish Level 4, we’ll also finish up your first beat in the course! By this point you’ll have a complete understanding of the entire beat making process: From melody creation, to harmony, to adding bass and drums. Plus dozens of tips and tricks that I’ll teach you along the way to polish up your songs, making you ready for…


Now we’re really cooking as we hit the Pro Level! In Level 5 I’ll show you how to unlock an unlimited variety of melodies and chord progressions… With some of my favorite “advanced” chords and scales – Guaranteeing you never get stuck with beat block again.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Ethnic Energy: I’ll breakdown my favorite harmonic and ethnic scales that you can use to add some serious flavor to your beats
  • Easy Inversions: Inverting chords and using proper voice leading can be a challenge for a lot of producers – I’ll show you a simple trick to master it fast
  • Complex Chords: Chord extensions, suspended chords, borrowed chords, kablam! With so many options it can easily get overwhelming, I’ll show you which chords are best for modern music without getting lost in the numbers
  • Renegade Production: Now that you have a “Pro Level” understanding of music, it’s time to break the rules and create even more variety in your music! I’ll show you how

By the end of Level 5 you’ll have a complete workflow for creating Pro Level melodies with ease, which is exactly what we’ll do in the Level 5 exercise! Followed by adding…


Instead of using the same old trap drum sounds and boring 808s that you hear everyone using online… Level 6 will show you how to create beats with far more energy, drive and variety (And maybe incorporating some patented bass slidezzz!)

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Simple Syncopation: Adding some swing and syncopation can give your beat a completely different feel – I’ll show you how to crank up the funk without making things too busy
  • Fast FX: Learn how to apply velocity and panning to your beats to flavor them up and the most popular drum effects producers use in modern music
  • Lots of Layering: I’ll show you how to add snares, shakers, snare rolls, crashes and swells to accentuate your beat and polish up your drum patterns
  • Bad-Ass Basslines: Learn note by note how I construct more complex basslines – And I’ll show you how to perfectly mesh the 808s with your drums AND melody

And then in the final exercise, we’ll finish up your Pro Level beat by adding drums and bass… With me showing you a bunch of my favorite plugins and virtual instruments along the way to make your beat sound even more polished and pro! Then it’s time to take things to the next level as we jump into…


By this point in the program, you’ll already have a comprehensive understanding of not only music theory, but also a super efficient process for creating beats faster inside your DAW. Next I’ll take you on a journey through some of the top songs in modern music and show you how to use what you’ve learned through out the course to re-create every note, rhythm and chord progression you hear inside your own DAW.

Here’s the genres we’ll be breaking down:

  • Hip Hop Music Decoded: With songs from Anderson .Paak, Joey Bada$$ and others – After Level 7, you’ll never need to waste time digging around for some obscure sample, I’ll show you how to re-create it from scratch inside your DAW
  • Pop Music Decoded: Here we’ll cover Charlie Puth, Zedd and DJ Snake and I’ll show you how to re-create the 4 on the floor drum pattern that’s super popular in dance music without having your beat sound like every other song you hear on the radio
  • R&B Music Decoded: Learn from Khalid and Alicia Keys as we break down what goes into an R&B beat – From syncopation to colorful chords, to arranging, and how to re-create the same vibe for yourself

By the time you’ve finished Level 9, you’ll have literally hundreds of new musical ideas, chord progressions, and melodies to add to your beats… Plus a new sense of freedom, confidence and excitement to experiment and create great sounding music, no matter the genre, every time you jump inside your DAW!



The first bonus you’ll get is The Pro Level Beats Course Workbook which is your quick search guide with specific timestamps for every level of the program. This way, the next time you want some inspiring advanced chords or scales for your next level beat, you can quickly scan through this document and find what you need fast. I’m also including the FL Studio project files (with trackouts for other DAWs) as well as the midi files for every exercise and module… So you can play around with the exact arrangements I use in the course and jump-start your next Pro Level production! But the only way you can get these project files and workbook for FREE, is when you join the Pro Level Beats today!


You’ll also gain access to The Music From The Masters Training, where I’ve asked some of my favorite producer friends to record themselves creating beats from scratch. With me giving “DVD Commentary” throughout their beat making process, showing you how their workflow compares to what you’ll learn inside Pro Level Beats. The crew includes: Oh Gosh Leotus, Ed Talenti, Matty beats, and AbSynapse All 4 of these videos are yours FREE when you join Pro Level Beats today!