ProdbyJack x sellfy – Marketing “Cheat Codes“ E-Book


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I’ve been making music for nearly 5 years now and its been my full time job for nearly 3. I went from being broke to making 6 figures and i’m here to share the information and lessons ive learned over the years with you!

If you’re a producer and you’re interested to learn how you can turn your passion into a full time job this resource is perfect for you.

Inside are 15 pages of invaluable information written by ProdbyJack with some bonus gems & tips from Busyworksbeats

We dive into Youtube and how to use the algorythm to boost your views, also tips to grow your core fan base quicker and grow your online presence

Not only that, we touch on some of the key foundations of growing your brand online. These are consistency, quality, target audience, collaboration, niche’s and more…

This is written by producers FOR producers so all of the information is very honest and straight up, i hope you enjoy

Check out a preview of the knowledge im sharing by clicking the arrows on the picture and check out a short segment from the full book