Oversampled – Lucid Dreaming – Lo Fi & Beats Sample Pack + BONUSES


If you’ve ever wanted to make a perfect lo-fi beat which would get featured on big labels, playlists, that people would listen in the background while studying, doing work or just listen to it cause it’s so good – NOW IS THE TIME.

Start making your next hit with this precisely crafted pack of lo-fi samples.


  • Drums – 460
  • Melodies – 270
  • Effects & Foleys – 80
  • Serum Presets – 50 (BONUS) – Requires latest version of Xfer Serum
  • MIDIs – 100 (BONUS)


+ +


Low fidelity, but also groovy drums is what makes you move while listening to the lo-fi beat.


These melodies will take you and your listeners back with their nostalgic feel. They are a good source of ideas & inspiration and they’re gonna help you kickstart your songs. They are perfect to be used as a starting point, as a main theme of the song, but you can also flip them into something new.


Good beat transitions well. Add movement to your tracks by introducing sweeps, transitions, foleys and sound effects.


We are tired of looking for a perfect lo-fi samples just to realize we can’t find anything that sounds good… That’s why we’ve made this sample pack! To have a library of quickly accessible sounds that we can just pull off and get inspired by.

BONUS #1 – Xfer Serum Preset Pack

Samples are a big part of making a sick lo-fi beat, but so do presets!

As a BONUS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THIS PACKAGE we are giving you guys the best what a lo-fi producer can get – playable, fully customizable Serum presets!

Make custom chord progressions, melodies, tweak the sounds to your needs and make your songs sound YOUR WAY.

BONUS #2 – MIDIs – no need for music theory!

As another FREE addition to this pack we’re including a MIDI pack of lo-fi chord progressions and melodies. Choose your own sounds + sick midi, fully customizable melody = there’s just no better combination.