Make Pop Music – Dark Pop –


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Our Dark Pop pack contains all of the essential elements to create dark, eerie, and atmospheric music.

This pulls from cinematic elements, pop elements, and unique sound design to give you a pack that can deliver the dark, atmospheric, and sonic qualities that dark pop music has.

This pack has 100 drum samples that cover everything including kicks, snares, snaps, claps, cymbals, hi hats, toms, risers, impacts, vocal samples, and toms that have all been carefully processed to give your track more attitude, vibe, and direction.

We also included a pack of 20 Serum Presets that contain bass sounds, pads, and plucks that can be used to create the dreary and suspenseful tone that dark pop records have.

The dark pop sound combines elements that range from very filtered and mellow kick drums, to massive and earth shattering impacts. This pack has everything you need to create a dark pop masterpiece.