Yokarza – Epilogue Loop kit


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15 Homeade Compositions Yokarza

Loop Kit Agreement

If you place a record with a Major Label using the sample(s) in this kit, you agree to splitting the publishing, mechanicals, points & advance fees with Yokarza.

(Depending on whose sample was used). Production (or Co-Production) must be credited to Yokarza.

Contact – karnaecespo129@outlook.com

For all other sales, i.e. indie artist, mixtape placement, etc., contact karnaecespo129@outlook.com

Credit is required as (Prod. By *You* x Yokarza)
Email – Yokarzabeats@gmail.com
IG (Yokarza) – @Yokarza

(Any use of the samples in this kit used for *FOR PROFIT USAGE* must be split 50/50 between the producer)-(e.g. Yokarza).