Video Milkshake – VHS Glitches and Overlays Pack 2.0



Created from real VHS tapes, these retro glitches and textures have been converted to HD for best use in a modern video editing environment. The VHS overlays in this pack were crafted to give an authentic look to your footage without going back to tape.

We set out to create the ultimate collection of looks that belonged to some of the standard camcorders of the 90’s and 00’s. We searched high and low for these formats across North America, from garage sales to estate auctions. We ended up with one of the most diverse selections of analog and digital textures on the market, this VHS pack is trusted by the pros to re-create some of the most sought-after looks in music videos and film today.

Authentic Scans From 5 Formats

  • VHS • Hi8 • Video8 • Digital8 • VHS-C
  • All delivered in a crisp HD 1440 x 1080 resolution

High-Quality Distortion

We believe quality is still an important trait in vintage overlays and glitches. The most subtle texture should hold up to scaling while complimenting the footage with an authentic feel.


  • 5 VHS Tracking Textures 2.0 (1440×1080) 29.97fps
  • 11 VHS Glitches 2.0 (1440×1080) 29.97fps
  • 12 Digital8 (1440×1080) 29.97fps
  • 17 Hi8 (1440×1080) 29.97fps
  • 8 VHS-C (1440×1080) 29.97fps
  • 4 Video8 (1440×1080) 29.97fps

Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Resolve and most other editing programs.