Video Milkshake – CRT Textures


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Stunning CRT Textures from authentic Cathode-Ray Tube scans in 4K resolution. From Circuit Bent Static to VCR Tracking, every element includes real phosphor artifacts and flicker gives a flawless vintage look to your project. Perfect for analog overlays or use as displacement maps to quickly glitch footage.

Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Resolve, Avid most other editing programs.

Use As Overlays

Choose from over 80+ CRT Assets including Tracking, Glitches, Processes, Static and more – all available in 4K Resolution for crisp analog texture.

Create Unique Glitches

Instantly transform your footage with our library of unique glitches using displacement maps in After Effects.

What’s Included?

  • Glitches – 36 Assets
  • Misc – 10 Assets
  • Processes – 13 Assets
  • Static – 18 Assets
  • Tracking – 11 Assets

Assets in 4k Resolution