Timmy Holiday – SHED SYNTHS (One Shot Kit)


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Presenting: SHED SYNTHS: A collection of sounds I use on the regular in my productions, and some brand new sounds designed exclusively for this pack.
Containing 122 sounds recorded from various synths and keyboard instruments I have collected for use in my music, sound sources include the Crumar Roady, the russian TOM 1501, the KORG Minilogue & Monologue, and the Wurlitzer Funmaker Organ. Perfect for lofi retro vibes.

These single note oneshots are ready to be loaded straight into the DAW/sampler of your choice and are designed to inspire your own melodic creations.


  • 36 COLD oneshots
  • 17 KEYS oneshots
  • 8 PLUCKS oneshots
  • 43 RETRO oneshots
  • 18 WARM oneshots