five – PROVIDENCE (Analog Lab V Preset Bank)


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PROVIDENCE consists of 80 elite level sounds to take your production to the next level, ideal for cooking up samples and beats in R&B and Trap genres

  • 30x Keys
  • 13x Leads
  • 11x Basses
  • 8x Pads
  • 6x Arps
  • 5x Brass
  • 4x FX/Vocoder
  • 3x Woodwind

Also Includes:

  • 10 Bonus Textures
  • 15 Bonus Samples

After the crazy success of preset banks on THE LOOPHOLE website, our first external release is five’s PROVIDENCE – a royal excavation through sounds from another tier of excellence, including extraterrestrial arpeggiators, intense bass, and vibrant keys alongside classic synthesizer sounds that we all have grown to love.

All sounds designed 100% from scratch from five himself, inspired by a willingness to stand out among sound designers as well as keeping in touch with the familiar sounds that samplemakers crave to hear.

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*bank only compatible with Analog Lab V*