savethedrums – Stop Drum Abuse (Drum Loops)


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We present you with our series “Stop Drum Abuse” this series will include some of our grittiest, rawest, 90’s inspired drum styles. “Stop Drum Abuse” is a saying we live by – meaning we value hard hitting punchy drums that move the records. we are anti-paper drums, weak drums are abusive to our ears. we love things that knock, drums that punch through speakers. we have a variety of drum styles available but coming out with our “SDA” series first felt right. we have to introduce our style of influence we started from here at savethedrums®.

These drums can fit in styles from early 90s to present time productions/styles. we try to make timeless sounds so you can get our sounds and get inspired to work quickly.

This pack contains:

  • 23 original drum loops (stems included)
  • BPM Labeled for easy file management 
  • 100% Royalty Free