Pupil – Un Trago (One Shots)


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Un Trago One Shot Kit is a collection of 111 unique one-shot sounds recorded by PupiL. This kit was crafted with the sample maker in mind, and the producer that loves to start from scratch. All sounds were performed from PupiL’s collection, processed through analog delays, distortion, zulu, nuru, sp-404, and multiple reverb pedals.

Standing out and getting a sample placed on a hit record starts with sound selection. So use the same techniques and sound designing methods as the greats. Start with one-shots or add them to spice up any sample. Do both, be great.

Eliminate the stress and start having fun combining sounds, pitching them up and down, loading them into your new SP-404. Then start adding spatial effects to invent something creatively familiar.

Includes 48k 16bit and 96k 24bit