Producergrind – SOUNDLAB



SOUNDLAB Is An Elite Production Suite For Producers

  • 100% Royalty-Free Sample Library w/ stems that you can use as-is or as building blocks for creating your own melodies.
  • Exclusive Bass, Keys, Bell, Pad, Synth, and Pluck One Shots that sound amazing and make creating great vibes easy and fun!
  • Huge Collection of Accents and Instrument Loops for creating melodic masterpieces.
  • Cheat Code Melody MIDI Library destroys beat-block by providing you with over 100 customizable compositions (we love MIDI and so should you).

Bonus 1 – SOUNDLAB Analog Lab V Soundbank

Gain access to Juko’s secret stash of Analog and Digital presets for this incredible plugin. Includes actual presets used in Juko’s placements!

Each of the 100 presets has been tried and tested to be perfect for dark trap music and is sure to bring a fresh perspective to your own sound design.

Bonus 2 – SOUNDLAB Portal Presets

These presets are one of the fastest ways to make your One Shots and Synths sound huge!

Add exclusive effects to your tracks that are not available with stock Portal presets. 50 specially designed SOUNDLAB granular presets make any sound or track become more complex and interesting.

Bonus 3 – Turnt Trap Drum Kit

Enjoy 100 original drum transients that take the best sound design of 2023 to date.

All of the hard hitting 808s, kicks, snares, hihats, and percs are processed to SMACK without needing to add extra plugins.

With this drum kit you will be able to create entire industry-level productions exclusively with SOUNDLAB.

Bonus 4 – Particle FX Collection

PARTICLE is a collection of incredibly useful FX for adding the final touch to any beat or arrangement, exclusive to SOUNDLAB owners.

You can quickly drag and drop 77 various Lite and Low Impacts, Ear-Candy Chants, and Smooth Transitions into any project for immediate results that will tie your beat together.

This 100% Royalty-Free Production Suite Contains:

  • 100 Royalty-Free Melody Samples
  • 438 Individual Stems
  • 132 Premium Melody MIDI
  • 100 Designed Instrument Shots
  • 100 Inspiring Instrument Loops
  • 100 Original Analog Lab V Presets
  • 050 Original Portal Presets
  • 045 Attention-Grabbing Accents
  • 100 Exclusive Trap Drum Shots
  • 077 Incredible FX and Transitions
  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow

Course videos are not included