Producergrind – KAAD!K Premium Drum Kit


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KAAD!K is your chance to create hard beats that your artists will love without the frustration of trying out 47 different snares before finally finding the perfect one.

Your time is more valuable then that.

Working producers need access to fresh drum sound selection that gets the job done the first time. After deep hours studying the great sound selection by producers like Boi 1da, Mike Dean, Timbaland, and Honorable CNOTE, we confidently created and curated a large collection of go-to drums and fx.

The problem with most “original” drum kits is that they sacrifice usability for uniqueness. We did things differently by prioritizing the trap fundamentals; short highs, punchy lows, genre-appropriate.

Using KAAD!K is your fast-pass to nailing your drums every time.

  • Expertly designed trap drums brought to you by the creator of the best-selling HIGH CLASS Drum Kit.
  • Trust sounds from the best drum designers in the trap space and create platinum beats without needing additional plugins.
  • Original sound design focused on high usability to help you avoid overcomplicating sound selection.

This 100% Royalty-Free Drum Kit Contains:

  • 120 Premium Drum Shots [808s, Snares, Claps, Percussion, Hihats, and Kicks]
  • 25 Percussion Loops + Drum Fills Add Vital Movement Otherwise Boring Beats
  • 35 Various FX + Textures Create Ear Candy and Atmosphere to Hook Listeners
  • 10 Original Vox Chants Create Energy and Initiate Hype-Factor
  • 10 Bonus Designed Bass Shots to Fill In The Low End To Switch Up 808s
  • Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow