Khemics & Shvde – Limitless (Drum Kit)



Introducing Limitless! Designed for limitless creativity

From the amateur to the professional, our sounds and resources are perfect for anyone looking to enter the Flowstate and unlock their creative potential.

The flow state is the experience of being so absorbed by an engaging, enjoyable task that your attention is completely held by it. You generally lose sense of time, self-consciousness, and anything that doesn’t have to do with the task at hand. In flow, you feel as if you could keep doing whatever you’re doing forever.

Tomorrows Sounds Today.

This soundkit provides exceptional value such as:

  • 34 808s & basses
  • 66 FX & Ambience
  • 22 Hi-hats
  • 8 Kicks
  • 5 Melody Loops
  • 10 Melody Midis
  • 73 Oneshots (Categorized)
  • 19 Open-hats
  • 23 Percs
  • 5 Percussive Drumloops
  • 7 Risers
  • Shortcuts for FL STUDIO Built inside of the drumkit skin!
  • 33 Snares, Rims & More
  • 11 Vox