Jukebox Juice – Utopia [Analog Lab V & Mellotron V Bank]



UTOPIA is a collection of 62 presets for Arturia’s Mellotron V. Bringing modern sonics into Mellotron’s vintage sampler sound, this soundbank is perfect for creating the new wave of R&B and hip hop – though of course each preset extends into any number of contemporary genres.

With each sound being handcrafted from scratch, you won’t find sounds like this in any other mellotron bank, and all the oneshots created for the kit are included for you to use in other vsts for your own sound design, or simply as wav oneshots!

This kit is provided in Mellotron V bank format (.mltx) and Analog Lab V bank format (.labx) so whether you own Mellotron V on its own, or as part of Analog Lab, you’ll be able to use the sounds!

Full Breakdown

  • 2 Bass
  • 8 Bells
  • 3 Guitars
  • 19 Keys
  • 4 Mallets
  • 2 Organs
  • 17 Pads
  • 3 Strings
  • 4 Woodwinds