iseeyouknowhere – PHASES! (Looperator Bank & Accent Hihat Kit)



Sauce up your hihat patterns without doing too much !!

Tested and modified for months, these presets work everytime!

Add that extra sprinkle with the accent hihat loops or make your own accent hihat patterns and apply the saucy mixer presets.

You wont believe how much accent hihats / accent melodies add to a beat. These presets will truly bring your beats to another level and set you apart from a lot of producers!


  • 40 Looperator Presets
  • 5 Accent Hihat Sauce Mixer Presets (.fst Files for Fl Studio + Pictures of every Plugin to use in other DAWs)
  • 15 Accent Hihat Loops

FL Mixer presets requires third party plugins