Fiori – Rites Vol. 1 (Scaler Presets)



55 chord progressions that are perfect for composers and producers looking for unique inspirations. (formatted as Scaler Presets).

These Scaler presets work in either Scaler or Scaler2 and range in style from dark and mysterious to ethereal and upbeat. While they do work in the first version of Scaler, I highly recommend you update to the new version which has so many more features.. For example, try using the various melodic playstyles, arps, and humanizing features contained within Scaler2 on them to give yourself infinite combinations and possibilities.

These scaler presets are great for any composer. However, they are perfect for someone looking to create a loopkit full of dark, melodic trap melodies. Of course, there are plenty of progressions inside the kit that are not ‘dark’ if you need other styles too. Furthermore, you can apply the various playstyles included in Scaler2 to make complete and unique melodies in just minutes. Transpose them, flip them, or even invert them for further possibilities.

Upgrade Your Sound Today.

  • All presets in this bank have their key identified in the name.
  • Scales used in this bank include many in natural and harmonic minor, major, phrygian, dorian, locrian, and lydian. (A wide variety)
  • Installation instructions are inside the folder.
  • All progressions are royalty-free.

Requires Scaler 2