Evolution of Sound – Dark Bass Vol. 2



Looking for some Skanked Serum Presets For your next UK Bass Track? Then look no more as you dive into the world of Dark Bass with 180 Serum Presets For UK Bass and a fully dripping Sample Pack.


The Dark Bass series was created to give you access to modern UK Bass Serum Presets inspired by the Nightbass label. We heard extraordinary artists like Taiki Nulight, Volac, Notion, Chris Lorenzo, AC Slater, and MPH. As we further researched the genre, we discovered artists like Holy Goof, TS7, and many more making faster tracks with their own flavor.

Inspired by this, we created a more versatile Serum Soundset filled with smooth to aggressive basses for you to use in your tracks.

In the second installment of Dark Bass Vol 2, you will find a Serum Soundset, Sample Pack, and construction kits ready to bring the sound of the UK Bass into your hands.

Are you ready to skank and flex?


The creation of every sound in this pack starts with referencing proven to work tracks. From there, we find out why a sound works and try our best to capture that energy for you. This means that you will have access to an array of sounds that are modeled after proven to work sounds.

Now let’s get this right! This doesn’t mean you will be using Cookie Cutter Sounds.

Most presets in this pack will have 4 mod parameters that you can use to shape the sound into something different that you can turn into your signature sound. You will also use this MODS to help create automations, and keep your track interesting.

I welcome you to check out the preset previews below where you can hear the mods changing the sound in action. If you think about it, while the pack contains 180 Serum Presets, you can use the mods to give you access to an unlimited amount of sounds.


  • 180 Presets in the style of UK Bass For Serum
  • 5 Construction Kits
  • Sample Pack Containing Drums, Vocals, Synth Shots, Bass Shots, and FX

Requires XFER Records Serum