Cryptic – Organica (Drum Kit)


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organica * a new approach on acoustic/organic sounds – inspired by nature.

music is always around us; you just gotta listen.

the concept of this kit was to pave a new way of creating & composing by curating sounds that are around us in daily life. explore & discover the beauty of organica by stepping out of the digital world.

designed by bending the limits of audio processing, this collection includes processed nature noises, bioacoustics, modulated foleys and hypersonic drums – combining multidimensional soundworlds to create a complex ecosystem of unique tones and sounds that you never heard before.


  • 36 basses + kicks
  • 74 claps + snares + rimshots
  • 42 hi-hats + open-hats
  • 100 percussion one-shots + toms
  • secret bonus sounds