Type Writer Audio – X



  • Windows 8+ / macOS 10.13+
  • FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Cubase, & Studio One
  • VST, VST3, AU, AAX compatible software (64 bit only)
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  • Instantly Transform Your Music From Dry and Stale into the Ultimate Full, Stereo, & Professional Sound with ZERO experience in the Music Industry.
  • Turn Narrow and Dull Sounding melodies, vocals, & drums into impressively BIG SOUNDS with just a few clicks.
  • Streamline your work flow with over 95 presets so you can worry less about mixing and more about creating.
  • Stop settling for amateur sounding tracks and get the ‘X Factor’ your music needs right now.

Hear the Difference.

Take a listen to the Before and After Example using “X”. Just by choosing one of 95 presets you can hear the difference of professionalism between the two. One Sounds Dry and Narrow, the other sounds Complete.

Synth Key – Before & After X:

Guitar – Before & After X:

Vocals – Before & After X:

Drums – Before & After X:

Get the “Complete” Sound You Have Been Missing In your Music.

Have you ever listened to your music and wondered why it sounds FLAT or DULL compared to songs you hear on Spotify or Apple Music?

That’s because the “Pro’s” know how to get that wide, full sound from years of practice & working in the music industry.

BUT With X, not only can you get an insanely wide sound, you can put your sound exactly where you want. This is because of X’s dynamic imaging mixed with a binaural chorus & HAAS effect.

A deadly combination that hasn’t existed until now!


The Main Engine contains 95 Psychoacoustic Presets that you can customize, save, and use however you want.

Each Preset is Categorized into folders such as Leads, Pads, Vocals, Drums, etc so you can easily pick and choose presets to get the exact sound you want.

No need to waste years learning the complicated engineering skills you would need to replicate anything similar to X.

Just pick a preset, and BOOM. An ultrawide dynamic sound to compliment your tracks.

X will get you the perfect, stereo, complete sound you have been missing in your music.

Hyper Speed

Take your sound to the next level with Hyper Speed. Use this Custom LFO + HAAS effect to maximize the uniqueness of your tracks just simply by turning the Crank up or Down.

Choose presets based on bpm and key and create an impressively unique sound without spending hours trying to figure out what type of effect is missing in your track.

Warp Drive

Utilize Warp drives spatial reverb (with presets) to create even more depth and space in your tracks.

Waste no time when doing this, just turn the Center Crank up or down to create this unique effect.

Take out the Guesswork.

X includes a custom built Goniometer to see results in real time.

This tool takes out any guesswork on days where your ears may be playing games with you.

Get ahead of your competition with this tool and give your tracks an sound unlike any other.

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Mac & Windows

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How Do I Update My Plugin?

Once we are able to get a hold of new updates we will update the listing for you to download the new update. Please, DO NOT update the plugin through the plugin as this will revert the license.