Sonic Atoms | Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition


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+ + XLNTSOUND – Cartel Vol. 2

Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition comes with 144 patches and 144 sound sources. Library has 3 types of sounds: Shimmers, Pads and Drones. All sounds come from original Baltic Shimmers sample library and were edited and looped for ease of use in Omnisphere ecosystem.

Drones patches are made of single layer but they use very long evolving samples. Shimmers are made of much more complex samples which are played back through granular engine, which allows to blend smoothly in between various stages of complex sample.

Pad type on the other hand is more traditional but built from 2 up to 3 layers. All patches react to modwheel (CC1), however behaviour differs and depends on patch type.

Requires: Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6