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The Legendary SSL Bus Compressor

Few pieces of gear are as universally revered as the SSL G-Series center section bus compressor, and now it’s available as an SSL-designed native plug-in. Celebrated for its ability to glue a mix together to make it “sound like a record,” the SSL Bus Compressor has a distinctly musical response that retains the dynamic integrity of a mix even at higher compression ratios. A perennial favorite of engineers at Sweetwater, the SSL Bus Compressor’s simple interface belies an incredible amount of flexibility, and the plug-in version boasts unique features not found on the original hardware, including dry/wet signal blending for parallel processing and a sidechain highpass filter to reduce low-end pumping. Put the final shine on your mixes with SSL’s legendary Bus Compressor.

Solid Stage Logic — An Unmatched Industry Icon

Over the last half a century, SSL has established itself as an indisputable pro-audio heavyweight. Renowned for their unparalleled sonic quality, SSL consoles are an artist favorite used for countless recordings and are found in over 3,000 world-class recording facilities. For contemporary artists and engineers who work outside of a traditional big studio environment but refuse to compromise on sound, SSL creates exceptional hardware and software tools, including 500-series modules, SuperAnalogue desk mixers, cutting-edge plug-in technology, and its proprietary X-Rack modular rack system. Regardless of how or where you produce, record, and mix, there is sure to be an SSL product that’s right for you.

Solid State Logic SSL Bus Compressor Native Plug-in Features:

  • SSL-designed emulation of the famed G-Series Bus Compressor
  • Revered for its ability to “glue together” a mix
  • Retains dynamic character of a mix even at higher ratios
  • Simple to use but incredibly flexible, featuring classic Threshold, Attack, Ratio, and Makeup controls
  • Plug-in version includes dry/wet parallel processing control and sidechain highpass filter


  • Windows 8 (64-bit) or later
  • VST2, VST3 compatible host (64-bit)

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