Producergrind – Aye YB ‘PIPED UP’ Drum Kit –


Are you tired of lackluster drum kits off Reddit? Aye YB brings HIGH-ENERGY premium sounds with his ‘PIPED UP’ drum kit. We’re talking about uniquely distorted 808s (not just your everyday Spinz 808) and hard-hitting snares perfect for shaking up the whole place! Aye YB got super creative in using natural sounds to uniquely craft his percussion and hihats. Who knew pots, pans, and ordinary items around the house (with a trained ear and sound design skills) could turn into industry must-have drum shots.

This Premium Drum Kit Contains 75 Sounds Including:

(5) 808s, (10) Bass Shots, (5) Claps, (20) Hihats, (10) Kicks, (10) Percs, (5) Rims, and (10) Snares

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