ACIDBITE – Pre-Built VHS Transitions


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Switch between your shots like your daddy switched TV channels back in the 90s.


  • Real digitized analog video overlay textures
  • 9 Pre-built transitions simulating image offset
  • BONUS Glitches in HD & 4K
  • BONUS PNG Overlays to replicate a tube TV
  • High-quality sound design
  • Detailed tutorial and examples
  • No plugins required, works exclusively in Adobe Premiere Pro

With the help of ebay and our parents’ basements we managed to scan quite a few analog video textures. Those glitches come from Video8, VHS, BetaSP, MiniDV and an old tube TV. All scanned and digitized in top-notch up-to-date 4×3 HD resolution! With our VHS Transitions Package you can start jumping between your shots like on that rainy afternoon when Power Rangers and Pokémon were on at the same time. The 90s called and want their aesthetics back!


We digitized material from many old gear for our analog video package and we really liked the frame skips that occurred as we fast-forwarded through the tapes. So we decided to rebuild this effect as a transition. The textures and glitches come from real tapes and real cameras. We recreated the rest of the effect in Premiere Pro.


Beware fellow editor! We have created this transition effect for use in Adobe Premiere Pro, and for now you can only use it there. Our next step will be to port it to other editing software, so stay tuned.


  • 9 Unique glitch-textures (5x 1080p, 4x 4K UHD, ProRes 422)
  • 9 Pre-built adobe premiere pro sequences (FREE BONUS)
  • 9 High-quality sound fx
  • 1 Scanlines (png)
  • 1 Shadowmask (png)
  • Detailed tutorial